Zaku Zaku ザクザク

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Can you smell freshly baked pastries???… mmmm…!!! Let me introduce Zaku Zaku, yes Zaku Zaku, a rather catchy name innit? This place is heavenly… they definitely serve one of the best desserts in Tokyo! The store I went to in Harajuku sold the soft serve (exclusive at Harajuku’s outlet) and the croquant chou. Their ingredients used are of high quality: wheat flour and milk used to make the soft serve and croquant chou sticks are all from Hokkaido.

Being the sweet tooth I am, I got both the soft serve and the ever so famous croquant chou! Thankfully the queue wasn’t snake long and I only waited for about 8 minutes. The staff are also really organized and efficient, they have like some structured system going on so the line moves quite fast!

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As you can see, menu is very straightforward and clear. What you see is what you get!

Let’s talk about this gorg soft serve I had right here. Exclusive at the Harajuku outlet, this soft serve is worth the try! Yes some may just see it and go “aiyah soft serve only…” but trust me, the taste of this was amazinggg! It was a very milky kind of soft serve with a hint of sweetness and vanilla. It’s actually really light tasting and the crushed sweetened almonds around gave it a nice crunch and paired SO well with the milky soft serve. I am not so much an ice cream girl but woah this was just pure bliss.

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It wasn’t this slanted when I received it but I think my excited hands shook it a little too much causing it to go all sideways haha! 

Now moving on to the ever so famous croquant chou. It looks like a gigantic churro but nope it is way better than that! It is choux cream pastry in a stick form and coated evenly in crushed sweetened almonds. When I got mine, it was still slightly warm and put in such a nice packaging.

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Still warm! You can just hold this, devour it and continue walking around. Fuss free! 

For the inside, the custard cream is made with high quality milk from Hokkaido. The custard cream was so smooth, not lumpy at all and no overly sweet taste after every bite. The custard cream was really the game changer because I have never tasted such smooth and flavourful custard cream ever!

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Look at the inside… the cream was so smooth and not overly sweet at all! Now I know why Zaku Zaku is so highly raved!

Please make Zaku Zaku a stop if you are ever in Tokyo! It is worth every calorie and would make you wanna crave for more. Hopefully they branch out and open up a store in Singapore soon because I am already craving for more. Head to their website for more information.