Ballin in Bali

Being back in Bali just after a year was so surreal especially when I’ve been going to Bali annually for the past 3 to 4 years? Well this trip was even more special and very close to my heart as it was for a wedding! (Plus me being able to skip a couple days of school, rebel me ya haha!)

The wedding was oh so grand and one I’ll never ever forget. It was father lim’s close buddy’s wedding and my whole fam bam went up to Bali for it! Being quite frequent with Bali, we had everything pretty much planned out. However, this time with brother lim being legal, we decided to drop a visit to the ever so famous Rock Bar in Bali.

A little bit about Rock Bar Bali, it’s a open concept kinda bar on natural rocks 14 over meters above the Indian Ocean at the base of AYANA Resort and Spa Bali’s. AYANA resort itself is such an amazingly beautiful complex! My family and I got there at about 4.45pm to supposedly catch the sunset but it was a tad bit of a fail because it was pretty cloudy! But ahh the after-dark sensation when the sun fully sets is just amazing! The bar gets lighted up so nicely and it just feels so cozy! Especially with the breeze and finger food/drinks, yumz! Additionally, there’s a DJ there that spins house music!

All in all, I had spent a great time with my family there! The service was excellent, finger foods (especially the sushi, calamaris and thai fishcakes) and drinks were nice but more importantly the chill vibes/ambience was just so beautiful! Remember to take tons of pictures whilst your’e there too! Feel free to check my review out here